Saturday, January 28, 2012

The NAIA, The worst airport in the world?

I heard that the government is trying to close Manila's international airport known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport  and move to Clark Airbase, Pampanga which is quite far; considering the traffic, I think it will take 3 hours from Manila to get there, equal to the duration of a Manila Bangkok flight.  To shorten the travel time, the government plans to build a high speed train.

I say NO to the transfer simply because the Clark Airport's neighbor is Mt. Pinatubo which is one of the deadliest volcanoes in the world.  We Filipinos tend to forget history very quickly.  What if the volcano erupts again?

Instead of moving the airport and building a high speed train, why don't the government build bridges to connect the three terminals, just like London's Heathrow.  Passengers can connect easily from one terminal to another.  Otherwise, build more gates for airplanes for NAIA terminal 1.

I just saw this video, the renovation of the NAIA 1. It's about time the government does something to the "worst airport".   My only comment is that, the plan seems to cater more to the comfort of the greeters instead of the passengers.

Considering our culture, the planners are in their right minds.  Sa ating kaugalian, mas marami pa ang naghahatid at nagsusundo kay sa pasahero. Umiiyak sa departure area dahil mami-"miss" nila ang kamag-anak o kaibigan, at marami rin ang umiiyak sa arrival area dahil walang pasalubong.   Just go to any other airport in the world, ang masasabi ko, talagang walang katulad ang Pinoy.



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